September 4, 2019

School at Sea: my fundraising journey

Fundraising is the first lesson that SaS (School at Sea) teaches its students. All students with SaS take part in their fundraising training. These sessions also enable us to meet the crew and the other students for the first time. ...continue reading »

September 1, 2019

Introduction: about me, Tobias Zijlstra

Firstly, to introduce myself: I am Tobias Zijlstra. I am 16 years old, and I live in the Netherlands with my parents and my sister. This year, I will be taking part in School at Sea, a six-month programme which provides students with the opportunity to continue schooling whilst travelling aboard a sailing ship. The global private tuition company Tutors International, which has a specialist sea-based tuition division called Sea Tutors, has provided sponsorship. ...continue reading »

August 22, 2019

Tutors International announces sponsorship

Tutors International today announces sponsorship of 15-year-old Dutch student Tobias Zijlstra who is set to take part in the School at Sea programme in October 2019 OXFORD, UK: Global private tuition firm Tutors International is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring a Dutch pupil to take part in School at Sea. Tobias Zijlstra, a 15-year-old secondary school student from the Netherlands, will complete the six-month programme which provides students with the opportunity to continue their schooling whilst aboard a sailing ship. School at Sea enables students to continue with their curriculum whilst sailing for six months, providing the opportunity to gain sailing and travelling experience, and encouraging students to take responsibility for their educational progress. Tobias Zijlstra, who will sail with School ...continue reading »