Tobias Zijlstra

Sea Tutors, a specialist division of elite private tutoring company Tutors International, is sponsoring 16-year-old Dutch student Tobias Zijlstra to take part in the School at Sea programme in October 2019. The sponsorship will enable Tobias to complete the six-month programme which provides students with the opportunity to continue their schooling whilst aboard a sailing ship.

Whilst continuing with the curriculum set by his school in the Netherlands, Tobias will take responsibility for his educational progress and gain sailing and travelling experience. In this blog, Tobias will provide a first-hand account of his journey, which mirrors Sea Tutors’ company ethos of providing an academic structure to life on the ocean waves.

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Tutors International

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School at Sea

School at Sea is a talent development and leadership programme, where students learn to work creatively and responsibly, fostering a sense of teamwork with which they inspire themselves and others. The students not only learn to apply theoretical knowledge in practice; they also learn how to sail the ship and they go on excursions whenever School at Sea is ashore.

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We have specialist knowledge in the field of education and private tutoring, boasting over 30 years combined experience in the sector. Our expertise is varied, covering a diverse range of education scenarios including full-time schooling, exam preparation and learning differences, such as ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia.


Several members of our core team have first-hand experience of life at sea, with two members having competed in prestigious long-distance sailing races. Over the years, we have provided elite tutoring services for numerous families who wish to spend some time away from their usual environment.


Our contracts have taken tutors across the world, travelling by both sea and land. Having a private tutor on board opens the doors to adventure, both for your children’s education and for the family as a whole; and Sea Tutors provide the best adventure in education that there is.